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(That is, while Italy collapses into ignorance, the rest of the world goes on)

The solar system? Big. The galaxy? Bigger. What’s bigger than that? Before you smugly suggest “The universe?”, check this out: 4K Videos from NASA!

A little more than a decade ago, television transformed from the boxy, standard definition dimensions of 20th century engineers to the wider and sharper images of high definition TV. Well into the 21st century now, rapid growth in the next generation of video images promises to deliver spectacular pictures with profoundly greater fidelity and resolution than even the best HDTV. Officially known as Ultra-High Definition Television, it has rapidly come to be known as “4K”, a moniker derived from the approximate width of images measured in pixels horizontally across a screen.

NASA has a long legacy pushing the boundaries of advanced media technologies, befitting its unique role in presenting important, state-of-the-art science and engineering stories to the American public. On this web page you’ll find the first major release of 4K video content, presented in the public domain. The release of these media are concurrent with the launch of a new, non-commercial Ultra-High Definition channel in partnership with Harmonic.

Please note that the 4K videos will require fast internet connection and a powerful hardware. If you do have it, then in the lower right corner of the video select “2160p 4k”



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